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How Video Games Have Changed Our Future

Want to make sure you’re drinking plenty of water? There’s an app for that. Want to do your banking or shopping online? There’s an app for that. Basically, there is an app for almost everything that you can think of these days. This site is dedicated to keeping you up to date on the latest technological advancements that allow us to live our lives in what has basically become the future.

Remember when you got your first video game console? It may have been an Atari or a Nintendo, or maybe an Xbox, and while it was a lot of fun to play games with our friends, we never really understood the impact that this technology was going to have on our lives. Video games have become the apps that we all have loaded on that little triangle in our pockets.

Let’s do a quick timeline. It goes something like this: Pong became Atari, Atari became Nintendo, Nintendo became Genesis, Genesis became Super Nintendo, Super Nintendo became PlayStation, PlayStation became Xbox, Xbox became PlayStation 2 and 3 and PlayStation 2 and 3 became Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Over that time graphics became a discussion, then storylines, and role-playing. Virtual reality became an actual thing. Of course, this doesn’t even factor in computer games that dominated the landscape for much of the years. Video games went to handheld models like Gameboy and helped to lay the groundwork for the microcomputing elements in all of our smartphones today. Even the best online casinos fan could not have predicted the success of consoles and mobile apps.

But it didn’t stop there. Mobile phones were released, and much like the video games that we all begged our parents for when we were little, the newest ‘Apps’ became our object of desire and the focus of our time. What started with Pong over 40 years ago has transitioned into actual life-improving applications that save us time and money on a daily basis. There are apps for killing zombies, banking, airlines, working out, and productivity, and even mobile casino apps for even more excitement. ‘Games’ have become ‘Apps’ and they are reshaping the way that we live our lives on a daily basis.

Apps don’t stop at your phone. They are on your game console and your television now too. What was once an 8-bit box that required the occasional blowing into a cartridge is now a futuristic supercomputer sitting beside your TV that has the ability to access unfathomable amounts of information from around the world. Kinda impressive, huh?

Paired with the advancements in television technology, video games have some aspects that are indiscernible from real life. The graphic resolution is insane and high-speed internet connections allow you to play with people around the world in real-time. Technology has taken video games from a pastime and turned them into a world-changing phenomenon. We are here to show you how to pass the time, and also to help you improve your life through daily applications and harnessing the power of technology.

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