App Development Resources

The process of developing a good app is not easy. However, if you use the proper resources, you can design an efficient application that will dominate the market.

Google’s Developer Console:

Rho Mobile

Rho Mobile helps developers design native apps for smart phones and OS devices. The OS options include Windows Mobile, RIM, Android, Symbian, and more. Because the framework is advanced, developers only have to use the code once when they build apps for major mobile devices.

Developers who use Rho Mobile also have access to Rho Hub. This application runs in a hosted environment, but it can be used as a standalone server.

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Phone Gap

Phone Gap users can design helpful apps for many well-known devices, such as Android and Black Berry phones. The platform also uses JavaScript and HTML, so designs can develop apps using their favorite web design language.

Most people use Phone Gap since it lets them work with various hardware options. They can design apps that improve sound features, GPS features, and more. Recent college grads, however, choose Phone Gap because the company offers training courses that can be downloaded.

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App designers who develop Twitter apps use Appcelerator because it creates great applications for desktops and tablets. Appcelerator continues to gain popularity each day in many cities. Currently, more than 1,000 apps are designed by Appcelerator each month.

The biggest benefit is that Appcelerator users have access to hundreds of APIs and detailed location data. The tool also gives users event and action metrics, which can be customized. Once the apps are made, they can be stored on a physical device or on the cloud.

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Mo Sync

Mo Sync is an app that can be used on multiple platforms. Designer who use this tool have access to various runtimes, compliers, libraries, and other helpful design tools. This app tool supports the most popular OS devices.

More information about Mo Sync can be found at

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Widget Pad

Widget Pad uses CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript. This platform also has debugging, editing, project management, and collaboration features.

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Whoop is a unique tool that is designed for people who lack professional app design skills. The editor tool lets causal users design apps quickly and easily because the design process is not complicated. All tasks can be preformed by dragging and dropping certain components in specific areas within the editor.

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These development tools and resources help many businesses create unique apps for consumers and clients. The process of selecting the best app is not simple because each app offers something unique. This is why designers must study the features carefully.

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